What is Commercial Photography?

Are you using the photos for:

  • Advertising?
  • Marketing?
  • Selling a product?
  • Selling a service?
  • Business?
  • Business headshots / company portraits?
  • Any purpose that has a commercial, marketing/advertising, or monetary gain?

If so, it’s commercial photography.

Non-commercial, or personal, images are images which are not used for business, marketing, advertising, or have the end purpose of monetary gain.

What I do

Types of Commercial Photography:

  • Composites / Artistic
  • Real Estate
  • Hotel
  • Architectural 
  • Travel / Tourism
  • Corporate Events
  • Music Festivals
  • Events & Festivals
  • Product Photography


  • Consulting & Advising
  • Mentoring
  • Marketing

Where I live

I am located just north of Cincinnati, Ohio, but I love to travel to wherever I am needed. I also provide online commercial image consulting, photo editing, and mentoring for independent business owners looking to improve their commercial photos.


Pricing is dependent on project needs, including but not limited to time, number of final images, type of photography, and desired usage rights.

Please contact me for a quote. The more information you can provide on the product or service you are requesting, such as details of the topics listed above, the more accurate my estimate will be.